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KBFA Fall Meeting
Oct 18, 2019, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Frontier Farm Credit Building,
Manhattan, Kansas

Hello to the ladies of the Kansas Black Farmers Association! 

I have been asked to present at the Women Managing the Farm conference in February in Manhattan, KS and I would like to invite you to present with me.  It would be a panel discussion and then we would video conference in Lisa K from Wisconsin to discuss her book "Soil Sisters"! We would highlight your farm and business and then discuss the ups and downs of being a woman farmer and getting your business to go and grow. I also plan to send out an excerpt from the book "Farming While Black" and discuss sections of it that apply to us as women of color and farming.  It is a pre-conference session.




I want to encourage you, Donna Pearson McClish, to present on your amazing farm and organization Common Ground.  Your award-winning work needs to be duplicated in other mid to big cities.


D Janice Witt, I also want to encourage you to submit a presentation on the Reola Living Center and YOUR amazing work.


Tameka Peoples, I know you would blow away these women with the work you are doing.  Please consider a session during the conference.


Any other women out there please do not think I am slighting you, please feel free to submit for a workshop also.  We are doing amazing things in Kansas and people need to know!


We may be able to get funding to support our travel, etc. if you select to help present.  THE WORKSHOP IS AMAZING AND YOU CAN LEARN SO MIUCH. It would also be a great bonding experience for us and we can take some time to pamper ourselves after the pre-conference and before the full conference begins.


Women Managing the Farm Conference, Feb. 13-14 in Manhattan.



Call me if you have any questions.

JohnElla Holmes, 785-236-9014

Preserving Black land ownership, the farming legacy, and creating a sustainable future

Kansas Black Farmers Association

The Kansas Black Farmers Association (KBFA) was founded in 1999 by farmers of Nicodemus Kansas for mutual support and cooperative agricultural market development. Nicodemus, located in northwest Kansas is the only remaining western town established by African Americans during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Today Nicodemus, a National Historic Site since 1996, represents the unique and valuable legacy of Black homesteaders' determination and ability to sustain themselves in spite of all the economic, environmental, social and political odds.


Attendees at the Kansas Black Farmers Association meeting on Jan. 25,2019. Clockwise: Rep. Gail Finney (D); Rev. Bobby Love, Sr. Chairman KAAAC; Rep. Willie Dove (R); JohnElla Holmes, ED/President KBFA; Kenya Cox, Director KAACA and President KS NAACP; and Legend and KBFA Founder Veryl Switzer, Sr.

Growing New Farmers
KBFA's Mission:

The mission of the Kansas Black Farmers Association is to preserve the Kansas minority farmer legacy through education, promotion of the agricultural lifestyle and collective niche product development.

  • Goal 1. Build and strengthen KBFA into a sustainable organization
  • Goal 2. Promote and fortify the Nicodemus farming legacy
  • Goal 3. Provide and develop youth education
  • Goal 4. Promote KBFA through outreach activities
  • Goal 5. Develop products and marketing strategies

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