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Hicks Selected To Judge Event

Hicks Selected to Judge Event!

Edgar Hicks founder and consultant for KBFA have been selected to serve as a judge at the World Food Prize Nebraska Youth Insitute! Each year, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Department hosts the World Food Prize Nebraska Youth Institute. This year the event will be on Monday, March 4th, 2019 on UNL’s East Campus. Through a written paper, high school students choose a developing country, select and analyze a topic and its impact on food security, and explore and propose solutions.

At the event, students come together to present their research, connect with like-minded students from around the state, and meet with researchers, global leaders, and professors at their land grant university. The World Food Prize works to engage and inspire high school students to pursue future careers and educational pathways in STEM as it relates to agriculture and global food security. Former participants have shown interests in international affairs, STEM research, government and politics, and agriculture to name a few. However, the World Food Prize Nebraska Youth Institute is open to all students, no matter their area of interest. Students who attend the Nebraska Youth Institute also earn a $500 scholarship from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources each year they participate. You can learn more about the World Food Prize by visiting worldfoodprize.org/Nebraska.

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